Featured Baker: Jenni Martin of Mr. Sprinkles

We are very excited to have Jenni of Mr. Sprinkles join us as one of the volunteer bakers! Having participated in several bake sales already, we love how she’ll add to our event with her experience!

Thanks for posting about us too Jenni!

Images courtesy of Magna Vita Photography. Please check out her amazing talent at magnavitaphotography.ca

What will you see from Jenni at the Big Screen Bake Sale: We are flabbergasted how many movies she’s selecting for her themes! This includes: ET – The Extraterrestrial, Star Wars, Casino Royale, Ghost Busters, & Jurassic Park!!! Below are some video clips of her movie choices!

– Mandy (@m_candy)


Featured Baker: Mia Patriarca

We are very excited to start featuring our bakers! One of our first volunteer bakers is Mia – who recently became a registered nurse. While she’s not on the road (she’s been to Nunavut!), she has a passion for hanging out with friends and baking, of course! Mia recently participated in the 24 Hour Relay for Easter Seals, and we are so happy to have her join us in raising funds again!

What will you see from Mia at the Big Screen Bake Sale: Cupcakes and other baked goods as well inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

Thank you for your support Mia! We’re so excited for your baked goods!

– Mandy (@m_candy)