Become Involved

We are still looking for volunteer bakers + event staff! Please contact us at for more information!

Thank you for your consideration in becoming a volunteer baker!  Please follow the steps below:

1.When you are drafting up what you are selling and its price, please factor in that we would like you to commit to the amounts as outlined below:

A half table: a minimum of $200 à A half table needs to have $200 worth of goods if 100% is donated to the charity OR you should sell $270 if you are donating 75% of the sales.

A whole table: a minimum of $400 à Your table should have $400 worth of goods if 100% is donated to the charity OR $535 if you are donating 75% of your sales.

When applying, please specify if you are donating 100% OR 75% of your sales to our charity. If you have any questions about this, please contact Lawrence at    

Once applied and approved, we will be sending you a list of low-risk baked goods that we’d love to see at the bake sale.

2. Decide which table space you need, we are more than happy to meet you to receive table rental payment. We ask that we receive this before August 24 (this is considered a deposit, we will be returning this payment to you on the event day):
6ft x 2.5ft tables: $30 OR half  the table: $15

3. Decide what will be your baked goods’ movie theme. For example, you can bake shark-shaped cookies to reflect on the movie, Jaws OR chocolate covered pretzel sticks to reflect on Harry Potter’s magic wands! You do not have to stick to one movie theme. If you would like to bake several baked goods with a few movie ideas, please let us know! The more the merrier!

4.  Send us some photos of your baked goods! If you would like us to post a write-up about you, please send us a short bio of maximum 150 words.

5. If your baked goods require packaging, please provide it on your own. You should also make your own signs that will list out your products and pricing. Please specify if you are bringing allergy-specific foods such as gluten-free or nut-free. If your food does contain nuts, please list those out as well.

5. Send an email to Lawrence at with the following info:

  • Full name
  • Contact number + Email
  • Expected gross total of the goods you’re committing to bring
  • List of all the products and their individual prices
  • Photos or links of baked goods (please send the exact links!) – If you are bringing allergy-specific food, e.g. gluten-free, nut-free, please specify)
  • Percentage of your sales you would like to donate
  • Twitter name + Website URL (if you have them)
  • Business or brand name and company logo, if you have one.

Tables are limited and are on a first come, first served basis. Reserve quickly!

It’s all in the name of charity, dear friends! Thanks for your effort and support!

If you would like to be a Sponsor, please contact Mandy at


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